Extreme and Disaster Medicine Student Research Group functions within the  Department of Disaster and Emergency Medicine. It gathers students interested in acute medical conditions and medical rescue. Group’s task is to develop skills necessary for helping patients in distress involving extreme environmental conditions. We bind experience of extreme medicine (tactical, high-mountain, underwater, polar and desert) with the field of logistics and managing rescue operations.

The Air Zero-G Medical Team is a part of the Group. It gathers students interested in space medicine. Air Zero-G Medical Team’s foundation is related to the Fly Your Thesis! – a programme created by European Space Agency, which allows students to conduct research in simulated microgravity. Air-Zero-G team will be tasked with testing the use of Mobile Medical Module (MMM) for cardiopulmonary resuscitation in mictogravity.


Student Research Group Leader

Wojciech Pudło  


Group Supervisor

dr Arkadiusz Trzos