10th Scientific Conference EPIMILITARIS 2024, “CBRNE Epidemiology and Safety – A Decade of Experience”

The 10th EPIMILITARIS 2024 Scientific Conference was held on March 11-13, 2024 at the Ryn Castle, the topic of which was: “CBRNE Epidemiology and Safety – A Decade of Experience”. We had the honor of co-organizing this event. The aim of the Conference was to expand knowledge in the field of epidemiology and safety of CBRNE, in situations of epidemic threat to public health during natural epidemics, but also resulting from the use of CBRNE agents. A particularly important element of the meeting was a summary of the experiences of the past decade, including actions taken in the process of planning, preparation and response to emerging new threats. During the Conference, we presented a lecture in which we discussed the “CBRNEmedycyna” Project – concerning the procedures for rescue and medical treatment of a victim of a CBRNE incident at the pre-hospital and early hospital stages. Additionally, for the Conference Participants, we conducted workshops titled: “Rescue and medical treatment of the victim at the scene of the CBRNE incident.”
Both the topics discussed during the lectures and the discussions with the participants were an extremely interesting experience for us.
The trip took place as part of the project “Strengthening CBRNE safety and security – Coordination and Standardization”, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.