Project Mobie Medical Module (MMM)

Mobile Medical Module (MMM) is a rescucitation platform, which allows stabilizing the medical personnel aside the patient in microgravity. It is suitable both for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) procedures.

Long-term space exploration missions era, along with space tourism development call for new emergency medical and rescue procedures. Increased risk of accidents and acute illness episodes (including sudden cardiac arrest) during long-term missions brings changes to the extent of medical aid necessary in space.

Microgravity causes many issues not present on Earth, which limit the effectiveness of resuscitation. MMM Project aims at providing support to astronaut-rescuers performing CPR, and enhance the effectiveness of their action. The device is fit both for future professional medical staff, and for BLS-trained crew members.

Air Zero-G Medical Team is a group of space exploration enthusiasts, comprising medical professionals and medical students gathered in Extreme and Disaster Medicine Student Research Group of Disaster and Emergency Medicine Department in Jagiellonian University Medical College in Kraków, Poland.

The Team works on creating the new concept of administering medical aid onboard space stations and spacecraft. We apply for scientific and research programs of European Space Agency – ESA CORA (for professionals) and Fly Your Thesis! 2022 (for students).

We are thoroughly sure that the MMM platform, developed in Jagiellonian University Medical College, will enhance astronauts’ chance to survive cardiac arrest episode and will make evacuation from Earth orbit easier. For us it will provide scientific development and a lifetime adventure.


dr Arkadiusz Trzos

MMM Project Leader

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