Project Mobie Medical Module (MMM)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in microgravity.

Era of long-term and distant space exploration missions and the development of space tourism, calls for developing new technical solutions and procedures for cosmic medical rescue and emergency medicine.

Increased risk of accidents and sudden illnesses, and consequently the occurrence of cardiac arrest among astronauts and space tourists, changes the perspective on the organization, manner, and scope of medical assistance in space.

The aim of the MMM Project is to develop a resuscitation platform for evacuation, transport, and CPR in microgravity conditions.

The Mobile Medical Module (MMM) is a modular and multifunctional platform that enables the stabilization of medical personnel around the patient during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in microgravity environment.

We are deeply convinced that the MMM platform developed at the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum will increase the effectiveness of providing medical assistance in the event of cardiac arrest in orbit.


dr Arkadiusz Trzos

MMM Project Leader