The mission of the Department of Disaster and Emergency Medicine is based on:


  • the respect of values, such as humanism and human dignity by sensitizing the students to provide
    help to people in danger of death and injury and underscoring partner relationship with both
    patients and co-workers
  • sharing the ability of self-thinking, open discussion, exchanging views by providing active lessons
  • adjusting both the research and educational offer to the changing world and new threats by
    consulting and creating them with social environment, other research units and external partners
  • preparing at the highest level the future doctors, dentists and other medical staff by providing
    lessons based on the recommendations of Ministry of Education, supported by Evidence Base
    Medicine (EBM),  current knowledge and our experience
  • creating the possibility for students to participate in the scientific life by the Student Research
    Circle, organization of courses, workshops and conferences
  • promoting the effects of studies and experiments by scientific publications, participating in
    conferences, meetings and events popularizing knowledge