11-13 April 2022 VIII International Scientific Conference EpiMilitaris 2022

On 11-13 April 2022, the Department of Catastrophes and Emergency Medicine of Jagiellonian University was one of the organizers of the eighth International Scientific Conference EpiMilitaris 2022. The conference was held for the eighth time at the Teutonic Knights castle in Ryn, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, and dealt with the subject of “Epidemiology and Security CBRN – Innovation, Technology, Practice ‘. The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Director of the Department of Military Health Service. The purpose of the conference was to exchange and expand knowledge in the field of epidemiology and CBRN safety, in epidemiological situations of public health risk in the case of natural epidemics, but also after the use of CBRN agents.


The Department of Disaster Medicine and Emergency Relief, CMUJ Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University, was responsible for the workshops “Evacuation, triage and decontamination of the victims of the CBRNE incident”. The announcement was the lecture “CBRNEmed specialist medical rescue teams: a proposal for system solutions” delivered on the first day of the conference by Dr. Arkadiusz Trzos. During the workshop, the possibilities and detailed actions of rescuers in individual rescue operations zones during the CBRNE threat were presented, with an additional risk of fire in the “hot” zone. The victim was suspected of potential chemical and biological contamination after the explosion. In the hot zone, the patient was evacuated by the RTF team with tactical cover from the 15th Mechanized Brigade of Giycko. Zawisza Czarny. In the warm zone, pyrotechnic triage, initial medical triage, and protection of basic vital functions and injuries of the patient took place. At the border of the zones, the CRRNEmed team decontaminated the patient and the rescuers, and then transferred the injured to a clean transport team. All rescue operations took place with the means of personal protection appropriate to the threat.


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