23-24.09.2021 – XVIII “W Akcji” magazine conference

On September 23-24th a conference organized by “Elamed” publishing office, the publisher of “W Akcji” magazine took place in Spała. Conference focused on interior fire incidents and CBRNE/HAZMAT related dangers. The meeting of experts and practicians lasted for two days and was an occasion to exchange experiences, concepts and ideas on the subject matter. Leader of our Department, dr Arkadiusz Trzos spoke on the topic of “Specialized CBRNEmed medical rescue teams as the answer for today’s CBRNE/HAZMAT dangers”. He presented the new possibilities of cooperation between EMS teams and police, army, fire department along with the important role of CBRNE incident management on the scene, during transport, and in hospital ED.

Conference brought discussion along with precious contacts with emergency services’ representatives from Poland and abroad